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At this point it has swallowed four associates of Trump, including his former National Security Adviser, each charged with felony crimes related in some way or another to Russia.

(The fourth is Rick Gates, a close associate of Manafort.) That is bad enough.

Those of us who were disgusted by Flynn’s 2016 antics, at the convention but also as a warm-up act for countless Trump rallies out on the trail, may have taken a smidgen of pleasure from the 45 minutes he found himself before a judge on Friday, his wife at his side. There is nothing in the public domain yet to prove collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia to help him defeat Hillary Clinton and become US president.

The one-time three-star general was truly humiliated. That, after all, is what lies at the heart of all of this, so it remains important to say that.

I can still identify those moments during the presidential race when my stomach churned, among them the first night of the Republican convention during a speech by Michael Flynn.

I was on the floor, just in front of the stage, as he spoke.

"Having allowed some dust to settle on our season, I now feel ready to announce my retirement from the Donegal senior football team," he said in a statement last night.

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It matters a great deal also that we know, thanks to FBI wire-tapping, the content of the contacts between Flynn and Kysliak during the transition.

None of that will work with Flynn and not just because he was so close to Trump during the campaign, in the transition and for the few weeks when he ran the National Security Council.

The greater problem with what happened in court on Friday is this: documents released as part of the plea-bargain state that Flynn was talking to the ambassador, Sergey Kysliak, at the behest of a “very senior member” of Trump’s presidential transition team. We don’t know, but officials who were in a position to give him directions during the transition period included the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was also recently interviewed by Mueller’s team.

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