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Earlier today Luxi Rajeswaran, who was with her friend Miss Abulkadir, at the time of the alleged incident said an argument broke out after another friend was body-shamed by the woman in the photograph. Ania has never had a racial encounter like this before and has been left so upset by it,' the 18-year-old said.‘It’s the worst thing that could happen to have it removed, she chooses to wear it and it’s for her own reasons.

Speaking to Mail Online, Miss Rajeswaran claimed her friend was set upon by a man who attempted to pull off her headscarf shouting: 'Show me your hair! It’s stripping her of her dignity to do that,’ she added.

As time passes, their employer-employee relationship evolves into a friendship and then love. Their easy, sensual rapport partly owes something to the generally sure hand of the film's director, Sanaa Hamri, making a fine feature debut, and something else, something indefinable, to the delectable mysteries of two bodies in cinematic motion." Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times rated the film 3½ out of four stars and commented, "I found myself unexpectedly moved." He continued, "By the end, Something New delivers all the usual pleasures of a love story, and something more.

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