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You of all people shouldn't be concerned with a bourgeois concept like 'privacy.' Everyone knows what you do in the Factory." My blood rose. My hands shook with shame and anger as I slowly reached up to the buttons of my blouse.

I' ease, being watched." The nurse's lips twitched.True, I was bred to be docile to men and the fertilization machines they use on me. This is the story of how I put aside my personal revolt and learned to embrace the Revolution.But some stray inheritance or outmoded morality passed on to me by teachers or schoolmates made me stubbornly uncooperative in my conduct, in my ideology, in my lack of comradely behaviour, and most of all in my refusal to be penetrated. * It was a cold day in February the day my conversion began.But of all my high test scores, the ones they counted most were my physicals, which showed me to be especially fit and fertile.When I protested, they just repeated the Allocations motto: "All Work Equally and All Work is Equal." So, to the Factory I went.

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