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The 62-year old victim, who is Owen's brother, lost £3,600 in what was described as a 'distasteful, disgusting and appalling crime'.

The pair were only caught out when staff at a Barclays bank reviewed Mr Owen's statements and discovered large amounts of cash being taken from his account.

Sentencing Judge Michael Leeming said: 'The two of you appeared for sentence in June this year having plead guilty on the day of trial alleged of theft of cash from the account of your brother Owen, he a man with learning difficulties and who is vulnerable.'These were mean and nasty offences commissioned over a protracted period of time and you obtained his bank cards without his permission and withdrew cash which the two of you spent together.'Had you appeared before me I would have sentenced you straight to prison but the judge who saw you in June saw it fit to defer sentence for six months for you to pay back £3,600 to the victim.

You have both now obtained employment and I order you to pay that £1,500 in the next 14 days.'It appears you have stayed out of trouble and have steps to meet the repayment.

The rift served as a conduit for movement into southern Africa and also north down the Nile into North Africa and through the continuation of the rift in the Levant to the vast grasslands of Asia.

Starting from about 4 million years ago (mya) a single biome established itself from South Africa through the rift, North Africa, and across Asia to modern China, which has been called "transcontinental 'savannahstan'" recently.

Starting in the grasslands of the rift, Homo erectus, the predecessor of modern humans, found an ecological niche as a tool-maker and developed a dependence on it, becoming a "tool equipped savanna dweller." Archaeological discoveries in Kenya in 2015, identifying possibly the oldest known evidence of hominin use of tools to date, have indicated that Kenyanthropus platyops ( a 3.2 to 3.5-million-year-old Pliocene hominin fossil discovered in Lake Turkana, Kenya in 1999 ) may have been the earliest tool-users known.

A lesbian couple who duped a relative with special needs out of thousands of pounds because he was 'a bit slow' have walked free from court.

Joanna Owen, 46, and her then-fiancee Julie Eaton, 40, stole Anthony Owen's bank card and then used it to withdraw £300 a time out of his account.

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