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After much speculation, BET has finally released a statement on the status of the hit show and its host: “106 & PARK” is undergoing exciting changes. Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince will no longer remain on the show.

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After several weeks and no word of the gang returning, rumors started circulating that the “New 106 & Park” was about to be shaken up with Angela as the front runner for new co-host.I started writing this bc there were so many fics where the team all knows Keith and Lance like each other or knows they're dating before they actually say they're dating, but to be fair I started writing this like two weeks after voltron first came out soooo fics have prob changed a bit since then. “Well, you know how we’re visiting this planet,” he pokes his finger towards the screen Allura should be reading right now, nearly hitting the ‘delete data’ button as he does so, “tomorrow for this whole diplomatic meeting thing?Seriously, when I started writing this there were barely any Klance fics. ALSO: I use female pronouns for Pidge in this bc I headcanon she's a trans girl. “Um, like making dinner and setting up a romantic table might be something? ” Allura gives him a look she hopes conveys get on with it. We just had a whole, long meeting about this.” “Right! And she’d really like to get this conversation over with. Sorry about that.” Lance does have the decency to look at least slightly guilty before he continues on. Keith and I were talking a bit ago about how I lived by the ocean growing up? At the rate they were going, Coran wouldn’t even be surprised if they were friends by the end of the week. Pidge is just minding her own business, walking down the hall of the castle, when she hears yelling. But Lance totally starts most of the fights, so it seems like a good guess. “I mean, obviously something, but it was me who screwed it up.” Pidge doesn’t really want to urge him on (because, awkward), but Allura was at least a little right with the whole ‘green paladin has an inquisitive mind’ thing. “We were just - I mean, we were arguing, but it just kept getting worse and worse and he got under my skin and I said some pretty terrible things.” “It couldn’t have been that bad-” “No.” Keith cuts Pidge off. You guys seem like you’ve mostly gotten over the whole rivalry thing and he obviously cares about you, so even if whatever this fight was about is as a bad as you’re saying it is, when push comes to shove if you just give Lance some time to cool off and then apologize to him, he’ll most likely forgive you.” “I guess.” Keith says. “Also,” Lance says sheepishly, hand rubbing the back of his neck, “Could you not mention this conversation to Pidge? Even though you all had gotten over what was preventing you from forming Voltron, I must admit the Princess and I were a bit worried about any personal drama between the five of you causing trouble.” Keith nods. Really, the trust that was growing between those two, who had seemed like the most problematic of the paladins in terms of relationships at the start of this whole ordeal, was quite inspiring. She’d been (albeit kind of forced in the beginning) friends with Lance longer than she’s been (albeit kind of more like acquaintances who share the Voltron-mind-bond, though she likes to think they’ve come a bit farther than that is the past few weeks) friends with Keith. “Look,” Pidge sighs, “Lance is pretty loyal, and while he one hundred percent does hold grudges he usually is willing to forgive people he’s close to.

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