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G 85771 R.colin A2 phares magnetipues Breuete depose France EL Elranger. i have been informed that there is only 5 of this type in the world and i was just wanting to know what it is worth. The cycle is 100% complete but has original tires that need replacement as well as kill switch, brake pads, grips and foot pegs. Surtout n'husitez pas u me contacter, qu'elles soient de bonne ou mauvaise qualitu. Ci-joint quelques exemple de ce que je voudrais faire. I would like to make an original "ducors" database (color, lines width, pattern, .....) Gazoline and oil tank, chain guard, .....Our page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Wed May 23 2007 ofjmf at Terrot 5 NSSL I send you a couple of pictures of my Terrot NSSL from 1931 with an 500 cmu JAP motor. Hello, I'm searching for all kind of Terrot or Magnat Debon pictures. If you have some pictures to send me (good or bad quality), do not hesitate to contact me Thank you very much.I've just finished teh restauration and it seems tha t you donunt hav this model in your collection DK SKanderborg Wed Mar 14 2007 theblakes at dslextremedot com 1929 Terrot I would like to restore this cycle I just purchased. It did not come equipped with front or rear lights. Jean-luc Contact Jean-luc jldubato at tele2June 6th 2006 ...I've enclosed some pics of a scooter I've just got my flippers on.After WWII they built a range of ohv singles up to 500cc in capacity, a number of two-strokes and some rather nice scooters.In the 1950s they amalgamated with the Automoto Group under Peugeot and the name Terrot faded out.The scoot I've picked up is a terrot,a strange 50's bulbous thing.Its in a state but you cant help but laugh at these creatures. Wed Dec 21 2005 plecomte at Terro T website Hello, I appreciate your website.

London Mon Nov 14 2016andysaunderskustoms at Terrot Terrot Childs Bike I am wondering if you might be able to shed any light on this very small Terrot.During the early 1920s Terrot built JAP powered 350cc machines with 2 speed gearboxes.The G model, introduced at the Paris Salon of 1925, came in two versions, the Sport and Touriste.G 85771 i am enquiring on the price of an french terrot. Photos prises lors de bourses ou photos personnelles. Je voudrais regrouper un maximum d'informations sur les teintes et ducors originaux (couleurs, motifs, largeur des filets, ....).the only details i have is what is on the bike, whick is: Dijon type L. April 2007 Hello, I just bought a 1929 Terrot LC 175cc. I plan on doing a full restoration and need help finding a few replacement parts. Kris, Riverside Ca (USA) Ca, USA Sat Dec 23 2006 ofjmf at Old Bike Terrot NSSL 1931 I have restaurated the bike and now and its complete beside the shock absorber and I will ask if anybody can tell med where I perhaps can find it. Aarhus DK Tue Sep 26 2006 jjhrcms at yahoodot com 1953 Terrot 125cc Hi, I have a 1953 Terrot 125 cc. Photos de ruservoirs d'essence, d'huile, de garde-boues, de carters ..

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