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The first step to sexually arousing women, probably isn’t what you thought it would be. It’s got NOTHING to do with saying sweet things or writing poems.

It’s got NOTHING to do with buying flowers, and it’s definitely got NOTHING to do with buying them drinks.

To create sexual arousal in a woman, you must first PROJECT a SEXUAL PERSONA and STATE OF BEING – in other words, the way you BEHAVE is what matters MOST, not so much what you SAY or DO. With their confidence, high awareness of their own sexuality and their powerful sexual state of BEING, they attract and arouse sexual feelings in women by merely being present (whether on-screen or in person).

This is what will initially attract women to you in the first place, and start to create sexual arousal in them. They’re NOT afraid to be sexual towards women (although not sleazy), and this lets the ladies enjoy the delicious sexual feelings that they arouse in them.

Try implementing this method next time you’re out on the town.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for you at first either.

So it’s vitally important to always be in complete control of yourself at ALL times.

It all starts with CONSCIOUS CONTROL over the sexual state that you are projecting, and the NON-VERBAL sexual language that you use.He isn’t mesmerized by the dance floor, and he doesn’t hesitate to approach women or flinch when he does. Now, what women find sexually arousing, is a man who can create an atmosphere of SOCIAL and SEXUAL TENSION. They LOVE it when a man can make their adrenaline pump, and make them feel like their heads are spinning and their blood is boiling.He is friendly and popular, and has a HIGH social status. To do that, we have to create a situation where there is slight tension and discomfort.But you have to ALWAYS remember to project an aura of complete sexual comfort and confidence.You have to remain in complete control of your emotions and your body.

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