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But with the changing fashion trends, women today wear toe rings of many different colours and designs Assam has a rich tradition of manufacturing gold jewellery dating back several centuries.Gold was abundantly found in a number of Himalayan Rivers flowing throughout the state.The is usually designed as long and thick chains with a pendant Guruvina Kada These are the bridal bangles.

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Jewelry in Meghalaya is so important that it is worn both by men and women.

Skillfully crafted ornaments of gold, silver and beads form part of Meghalaya’s rich costumes. Among the important jewelry of Meghalaya, which are worn by the women are means Hill; Mizo thus means hillmen) About 95% of current Mizoram population is of diverse tribal origins who settled in the state, mostly from south-east Asia, over waves of migration starting about 16th century but mainly in 18th century.

The Mizo tribals make use of shells, bones, animal claws, teeth and semi-precious stones for jewellery.

Necklace made from glass beads, fabric, shells and pangolin claws Nagaland The Naga people are a conglomeration of 17 major tribes and sub-tribes.

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