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Enter the new world of "neurolaw" in which neuroscience is used as evidence in the courtroom.Recently Fox News covered our study on declining empathy in American college students with this alarming title: "The End of Empathy." Is this true?Jeffrey Ellis Ive posted numerous times before about the need for critical thinkers to practice intellectual empathy the ability and willingness to examine issues from others viewpoints in a fair and open-minded manner.A person who fails to practice intellectual empathy often unfairly mischaracterizes an opposing viewpoint (committing the straw man fallacy) and snarkily ridicules its holder (committing various forms of the ad hominem fallacy).2010-09-02 - The Neurodevelopment of Empathy in Humans.I took a workshop with Dominic Barter who has developed the Restorative Circles process and I found it to be the most effective process I've come across. You can see my interview of Dominic on the nature of empathy ) Empathy Is The Secret To Networking An interviewer was once giving a lecture on the art of the the Q&A.He shared question strategies, tips and techniques he had carefully collected over the years.It is something we should cultivate because it makes us better people. But it is also sometimes suggested that empathy is somehow necessary for morality.That is the hypothesis I want to interrogate and challenge.

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This is very different from the pattern among fish and reptile species, most of which make their way in life alone.But what about people who rape and murder should we feel empathy for them?Should they be allowed to argue in court that their brains made them do it?Restorative Justice (RJ) is a philosophy that incorporates a diversity of tools to restore safety and connection through voluntary dialogue and mutual agreement.Often these meetings lead to transformational changes in peoples lives. Barter views conflict as something to engage with and fully express rather than resolve.

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