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and some other regions which historically were Persianate societies and considered part of Greater Iran.It is written in the Persian alphabet, a modified variant of the Arabic script.The Academy of Persian Language and Literature has declared that the name Persian is more appropriate, as it has the longer tradition in western languages and better expresses the role of the language as a mark of cultural and national continuity.

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Some of the famous works of Persian literature are the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, the works of Rumi, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Panj Ganj of Nizami Ganjavi, the Divān of Hafez and the two miscellanea of prose and verse by Saadi Shirazi, the Gulistan and the Bustan.

Middle Persian), this distinction is not evident in Arab commentaries written after that date.

Gernot Windfuhr considers new Persian as an evolution of the Old Persian language and the Middle Persian language With the decline of the Abbasids began the reestablishment of Persian national life and Persians laid the foundations for a renaissance in the realm of letters.

This is the origin of the name Farsi as it is today used to signify New Persian.

Following the collapse of the Sassanid state, Parsik came to be applied exclusively to (either Middle or New) Persian that was written in the Arabic script.

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