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Whenever someone breaks one of the rules and regulations of the fanclub, he personally issues their punishment with a flying nose-hook.Most of the time, the Sergeant is on the receiving end.

Throughout the series he is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.Other than working at the Yorozuya, Shinpachi is also the leader of Terakado Tsuu's fanclub: Terakado Tsuu's Imperial Guards.Shimura Shinpachi grew up with his sister Shimura Tae and his father in their family dojou Koudoukan.He also likes to save leftovers, bringing Tupperware to store the food and is called 'domestic' because of it.All of the above points, combined with his plain bespectacled look has made him the archetypical downtrodden nerdy character.

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