Exchange server 2016 offline address book not updating

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A delay for changes appearing in the OAB may be perfectly acceptable to some organizations.

And additional load from OAB generation and distribution cycles running more frequently may be undesirable to some administrators.

When I try to download the address book I get the (0x8004010F) error.

I migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016 a few months ago and the issue was just recently discovered when I added a new user to Exchange the other day.

If you know that your administrators are only making changes up until 6pm each day, then waiting until 5am the next day to update the OAB is probably unnecessary.

OAB files are distributed to Exchange Server 2010 Client Access servers where they are made available for web-distribution to Outlook clients.A common reason for this is the offline address book (OAB) schedules that are in place for the environment.Consider the following process: So it is easy to understand why changes may not appear in the address book for cached-mode Outlook users for 24-48 hours after the change is actually made.Let's look at two examples: Get-Oab Virtual Directory | Select Server, Name, Poll Interval Server Name Poll Interval ------ ---- ------------ BR-EX2010-MB OAB (Default Web Site) 120 HO-EX2010-MB2 OAB (Default Web Site) 120 HO-EX2010-MB1 OAB (Default Web Site) 120 The default OAB generation and distribution schedules work just fine for many organizations, but some will find they are not suitable and are causing support issues when changes are made that do not appear in the address book until 24-48 hours later.In those cases the Exchange Server administrator can consider making adjustments to the OAB generation and distribution schedules to suit their environment better.

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