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The next 100 or so years saw much conflict between King Trieu Da and the Han emperors of China. C., Nam Viet was conquered and incorporated into the Chinese empire. They successfully drove out the Chinese and the nation lived free from Chinese rule until three years later when Viet Nam was reconquered.Thus began the Vietnamese people's tradition of fighting to remain free and independent. This next period of Chinese domination lasted until 539, when a Vietnamese scholar, Ly Bon again drove out the Chinese rulers, only to have Viet Nam reinvaded a few years later.The Vietnamese used this as an opportunity to again fight for their independence.General Ngo Quyen successfully drove out the Chinese rulers and established the first of the "Great Dynasties" of Viet Nam that managed to remain largely independent of all foreign powers for the next 944 years.The capital was moved to Hue and gained its current imperial splendor.

This strategy involved using brief but frequent surprise attacks targeting the enemy's weakest points and avoiding direct combat against superior enemy forces -- a tactic that would be used successfully throughout Viet Nam's early and modern history.

It wasn't until Viet Nam was colonized by France that its name was shortened to one word.

The Hung dynasty produced 18 kings, each of whom ruled for 150 years. This dynasty was then overthrown by a neighboring king in 258 B. He established the new kingdom of Au Lac and built his capital at Phuc An, whose remains still exist today in the village of Co Loa, located west of Hanoi.

It is a theme that gets played out repeatedly in Viet Nam's history and is also symbolized by the spelling of "Viet Nam" as two words, rather than one.

In fact, spelling Viet Nam using two words has a long tradition and is in keeping with the country's pre-colonized history.

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