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Escaping, he was declared outcast by the Inquisition and forced to operate as a rogue for the remainder of the investigation.Eisenhorn sojourned with his Adeptus Mechanicus associate Magos Bure on the world of Cinchare for some time, where he conferred with his prisoner, Pontius Glaw.

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Gregor Eisenhorn is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos.It was during this attack that Eisenhorn also first met Cherubael, a powerful Daemonhost who would plague Eisenhorn and the Imperium in later endeavours. M41, Eisenhorn investigated the apparent ritual murders on the world of Sameter, at first believing the killings to be the work of some Chaos Cult.Soon, however, it was revealed that the culprits were actually ex-soldiers of the Imperial Guard.However, the majority of the local Inquisitorial conclave, which was dominated by Puritans, supported Eisenhorn's decision to burn the tome, outvoting the Radicals.Eisenhorn was therefore spared from censure and was in fact instrumental in planning a raid on the Saruthi homeworld during which the remaining tainted items were destroyed.

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