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Special mention to our bowling coach; his mom passed away a few days ago."Joe Root - captain, England: "Great Test match but not great to be part of a losing side.

Windies have been through hard times in recent times. We will have to work on dropped catches and have to work on the consistency of our bowling.

Tells us about the mindset Windies have walked in with Anderson to Shai Hope, no run, shuffles across to cover the line further and leaves this length ball outside off.

No swing or seam; just non-Andersonesque linear trajectory Brathwaite - second WI opener since 1977 to hit 50 scores in each inngs of a Test in England after Gayle's 66 & 81 (Lord's, 2004).

And runs, pumping his fists mid-pitch and exercising the nerves in the cape. Hope jumped back to flick an inswinger, it took off and went at a jet speed to the fielder patrolling the deep mid-wicket fence England have taken the new ball? Tossed it well above Chase's waist who smashes it to the deep square fence with sheer disdain Moeen Ali to Roston Chase, no run, floated up just outside off, comes in quicker, Chase is hurried into a defence Hello again! And then the boundary balls popped their neck out, with startling frequency.

Poetically gets the chance to hit the winning runs. Makes full room, clears the front leg and shows no respect for James Anderson, just Blackwoods it away over the bowler's head. Join us back after tea, as we try to fix whatever's gone wrong. Moeen Ali to Kraigg Brathwaite, out Caught by Stokes!! Moeen does him in with a ball that he gets to hang in the air, forever.

Sees that he's made too much room to something Woakes bowled wide, he resists Still 10 runs. It's more nerves, I think Broad to Blackwood, no run, declared a dead ball by the umpire. Broad to Shai Hope, no run, starts with a full ball from over the wicket. If you aren't, pull off that poker face of indifference. End of a memorable innings - another one - from KB. Shoots straight from a length and Kraigg Brathwaite blocks off the back foot James Anderson [12.0-4-33-0] is back into the attack Anderson has a change of ends. Two slips and a silly mid-on again Moeen Ali to Shai Hope, no run, caught at slip but it comes off the back leg. Just couldn't get as much bat as Shai Hope would have liked Broad to Shai Hope, no run, bounce from a fuller length here. Another difficult delivery negotiated without losing the wicket, and then the boundary ball is always round the corner. Takes the bottom-hand off and controls it in front of him Broad to Kraigg Brathwaite, 1 run, tucked to deep square leg Official warning to Broad for kicking the pitch. So, 5 penalty runs await if something like this happens again Stokes to Shai Hope, 2 runs, angled in from over the wicket, tucked round the corner Ben Stokes, right-arm medium, comes into the attack Time for some right-arm luck, as England would be hoping.We have to learn and keep moving forward."Stats from Deepu*** England's 490 is the highest declared second innings total which a team lost.*** 322 chased down by WI is the: 4th highest for WI 4th highest vs Eng 3rd highest in Eng 2nd highest at Leeds*** This is the first Test win for the Windies in England in 17 years. Shai Hope was hit on the pad, but the impact looked outside off. The color of the ball doesn't matter when Windies start playing crash-bang-wallop cricket. A slip and FSLWoakes to Roston Chase, out Caught by (sub)Mason Crane!! Who said sub fielders can't create an impact in the game. Roston Chase walked into the line of the ball and miscued the drive, chipped it to the left of mid-on. Doesn't matter how they come, all these runs count Anderson to Roston Chase, FOUR, edged between slip and keeper. Shapes away off the seam and takes thick edge through to the third man fence. Anderson is miffed Broad to Roston Chase, no run, short ball, the ball sits up on the surface and messes Chase's timing on the swivel pull.This Test match had a redemptive theme to it all through, as the end would scream in advocation, but amidst all the competitive cricket and shifting allegiances, there were dropped catches which, in hindsight, proved to be the game-changers. Jumps like a Lion down the pitch and thwacks the ball, it unfortunately hits the toe-end and rolls back to the bowler Moeen Ali to Blackwood, no run, chance of a run out? Blackwood taps the ball to Anderson at mid-on and calls for a quick single, Shai Hope refuses instantly. The ball seemed to be evading Crane who was standing pretty straight. He leaps full length to his left and grabs it with both hands mid-air. It may have hit the elbow/inside edge before bouncing over the stumps."All results possible at the moment," stresses Holding on air.Three slips and a gully in place, which is intriguing because we have had a closed cordon for most of the game.

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