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– Quarterback Cam Newton said Monday embattled Panthers owner Jerry Richardson should be considered innocent until proven guilty.The NFL has not commented on the ongoing investigation.“It’s another person’s words against another person’s words.Needless to say I still think extremely highly of Mr. I don’t know none of the sources names that have come out, so I am reaching to find it.Newton said Richardson met with him and other team captains at Bank of America Stadium Sunday night — hours after Carolina’s 31-24 win over the Green Bay Packers — to inform them he would be putting the team up for sale after the season.

I’m not nervous about it moving.”Newton said if in fact the team is sold he wouldn’t mind seeing rapper Diddy buy the team.“I have always looked to Puff Daddy, Diddy, whatever you want to call him,” Newton said.

Until his murder in 1996 at the age of 25, Shakur was a figurehead of the West Coast rap scene.

So Tupac Shakur’s connection to Georgia might surprise you.

But I take sexual assault extremely seriously — and I don’t want to offend anyone — but having a lot of allegations thrown at a person, I don’t think that is really fair.” story cited unnamed sources who said Richardson made sexually suggestive comments to women and on at least one occasion directed a racial slur at an African-American Panthers scout.

The report states that the settlements came with non-disclosure requirements to at least four former employees forbidding the parties from discussing the details.“Were there things done? “But needless to say just speaking with the captains and forming our own opinion — we are all entitled to our own opinion — and until things are actually become facts, that is when you can start making clear judgments.”Newton compared how allegations are being levied against Richardson to his experience of nearly being suspended from playing in the 2011 SEC championship at Auburn for something he said he didn’t do: requesting money in a pay-for-play deal at Mississippi State prior to joining the Tigers.

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